Welcome to Paraquatics Online 

We will be using this blog to document some of the wonderful aquriums that our customers have achieved .

If you are a customer and would like to add you aquarium to our list, please feel free to e-mail us some pictures with a brief outline of your equipment and we will add you to our list. 


We are a family business and pride ourselves on a friendly, informal atmosphere where  people can come and browse, inquire, be informed and assisted and inspired to enjoy the  full diversity and reap the enormous rewards of this amazing hobby, interest, pastime, it is many things to many people but all have common threads - fish need caring and looking after, and here we are delighted to say is everything one needs to successfully run an aquarium and have the delights of these colourful, relaxing, intriguing creatures in your home all year round. 

PARAQUATICS  has been specializing in Marine Fish since 1980 and during that time has built up a firm reputation for consistent quality. a wide range of Tropical Fish and Dutch grown Potted Plants, Pond Fish and Marginal Plants are also available.


The team at PARAQUATICS is headed by Gary & Karen  keen enthusiast's with long standing experience in this area, comprising of over thirty years of fish keeping experience. We specialize in TUNZE , DELTEC and Miracle Mud systems, trickle filtration. We ourselves use a TMC centralized filtration system running a 4000 Litre system - a tad larger than you would want in your lounge! Along with invert aquariums running Miracle mud.